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Thank you for visiting. The mission of STARS is very dear to me, and I am excited to participate in this year's STARS Mountain Challenge. All of the funds raised are used to support adaptive recreation either through program scholarships or the purchase of adaptive equipment. I appreciate all the support you are willing to invest in this important cause! Together we can make a difference! Best - Yampa Valley Bank


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1. Kim Hollenbeck
2. Stephen Nagle
Do all good things as you are meant to do. Rock on
3. Steven Trotter
4. Craig Malchow
Thanks for raising money for Stars. Great organization!! Cheers man!
5. Deborah Woodcook
6. Kevin Nagle
Go Team YVB! bummed I can’t join the team again this year, I know you guys and your athlete will do awesome and have a great time! - Kev